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OBO News
Move to new factory 2013-07-01
Sapphire Coating Service 2012-09-14
DBR coating for UV-LED and Green-LED 2011-11-23
Dichoric Filters for Hybrid Light Source 2011-11-23
Dichoric Filters for the Mini/Pocket Projectors 2011-11-23
Coating service for Plastic Lens 2011-11-23
Metal Coating on the Silicon Wafer 2011-11-23
Solar simulator filter 2011-10-17
Instrumentation、Illumination 、Entertainment Optics 2010-05-05
DBR for High Brightness LED 2010-05-05
Multi-band Filters for 3D Cinema 2010-05-03
Band-pass Filters for Micro Projector 2010-05-03
360 Degree Camera lens 2010-05-03
OB narrow filters was published on the QHY's foumu 2010-02-12
Nebula Red filter 2009-02-11