13 2014.10 Hong Kong Optical Fair

Hong Kong Optical Fair   Fair Dates :5-7 November 2014Organised by the HKTDC and held at the HKCEC, the Hong Kong Optical Fair offers a...

30 2014.09 Filter Set of Fluorescence Microscopy

OBO provides:OD>6 in blocking bandLow crosstalk (OD>4)High Transmittance in pass bandCustom design is available

19 2014.09 LED Lamp Projector

LED Lamp ProjectorOBO provides:- Beam splitter DM1/DM2- HR mirrors for normal/tapered Light Tunnel- Hi-reflection mirror- With low absorption, high tr...

19 2014.09 Design Capabilities which can be produced

 Design Capabilitieswhich can be produced  Band pass filter ~14.5um186 layers block band optical density (OD)>4  ...

18 2014.09 Laser Lamp Projector

Laser Lamp ProjectorOBO provides: - Notch filters- Band pass filters- Polarization Beam Splitter- Color correction filters for Color Wheel- Mirrors fo...

01 2013.07 Move to new factory

Facility site

14 2012.09 Sapphire Coating Service

Orange Bright Optics has coating experience for substrate of Sapphire more then 4 years.We can provide any kind of optical coating and universal cutti...

23 2011.11 DBR coating for UV-LED and Green-LED

23 2011.11 Dichoric Filters for Hybrid Light Source

23 2011.11 Dichoric Filters for the Mini/Pocket Projectors