Laser 3D Projection System

Laser 3D Projection System, key feature of main laser 3D projection system in market
    Christie 6P Laser Projection System
     - Dual projections with maximum brightness efficiency
    –With each projection head designated as a left or right-eye projector and separately connected to its
        own set of distinct RGB primary lasers.
    Barco 6P Laser Projection System
    – Avoid dual projector installation, maintenance and service cost.
     NEC Blue Pumping Projection System
    – Lowest invest cost, the overall system is less bright, but it’s also cheap, an expected trade-off.
Optical Components in Projector
    6P Lasers projection system
    6 color lasers
    3 DMDs or 1 DMD
    Dichroic mirror/ prism
    Light integration rod or Beam Expander or Fiber
    TIR prism
    Goggle with interference filter
    Blue pumping system
    2 color blue lasers
    1 DMD
    Light integration rod
    G/Y/R Phosphor wheel
    TIR prism
    3D Wheel
    Goggle with interference filter