Narrow Band Pass Filter for Gesture Recognition


Orange Bright Optics has dedicated on optical coating for decades.
We are one of the best coating manufactures in Taiwan with combined coating systems such as thermal/e-gun evaporators, and sputters.Also iron/plasma source(IAD/APS)are applied which makes the coating layers durable and reliable.
We used to be the OEM for the DLP projector makers and LED epitaxy companies for a long time.
Our advantage is to mass production customized products with competitive cost.
Recently we are developing the narrow band pass filters(NPBF) for application of gesture recognition/motion sensing.
We are capable of making the filters with precise CWL, high transmission in pass band, and high optical density in block band.
It helps to make the sensor easy to verify with no noise, and it's very important for the system designers who work on gesture recognition.