01 2013.07 Move to new factory

Facility site

14 2012.09 Sapphire Coating Service

Orange Bright Optics has coating experience for substrate of Sapphire more then 4 years.We can provide any kind of optical coating and universal cutti...

23 2011.11 DBR coating for UV-LED and Green-LED

23 2011.11 Dichoric Filters for Hybrid Light Source

23 2011.11 Dichoric Filters for the Mini/Pocket Projectors

23 2011.11 Coating service for Plastic Lens

23 2011.11 Metal Coating on the Silicon Wafer

17 2011.10 Solar simulator filter

Simulate the solar light

05 2010.05 Instrumentation、Illumination 、Entertainment Optics

The following components are delivered to other markets such as instrumentation, semiconductor fabrication, and bio-medical industries:  Collimat...

05 2010.05 DBR for High Brightness LED

 •OBO provides: 1.1. The traditional metal reflector is only with moderate reflectivity especially for the larger AOI therefore the light ef...

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