23 2011.11 Coating service for Plastic Lens

23 2011.11 Metal Coating on the Silicon Wafer

17 2011.10 Solar simulator filter

Simulate the solar light

05 2010.05 Instrumentation、Illumination 、Entertainment Optics

The following components are delivered to other markets such as instrumentation, semiconductor fabrication, and bio-medical industries:  Col...

05 2010.05 DBR for High Brightness LED

 •OBO provides: 1.1. The traditional metal reflector is only with moderate reflectivity especially for the larger AOI therefore the light ef...

03 2010.05 Multi-band Filters for 3D Cinema

     •OBO provides:  1.1. High resolution multi-band coating technology without cross-talk of the R/L signal 2...

03 2010.05 Band-pass Filters for Micro Projector

•OBO provides: 1. 1.Low absorption coating to improve the brightness loss of the LED light source 2. 2.Flexible design capability ...

03 2010.05 360 Degree Camera lens

 •OBO provides: 1.1. Special technique for the solution of selective area coating 2.2. Hybrid coating “metal+AR, metal+dichroic”...

12 2010.02 OB narrow filters was published on the QHY's foumu


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