Founded in September, 2008, OBO (Orange Bright Optics Inc.) is becoming a renowned brand for providing the professional optical coating solutions, the team was rooted from a public company and researching institutes in Taiwan, acquired mastery of knowledge centralized to the thin-film technology. We are one of a few in Asia who can either be customization center or mass-production base for the demanding customers, this both-worlds capability is made possible by our decade’s experience in the challenging markets as well as continuing pursuing in technologies and process improvements.
While today’s optical coating industry is booming especially among the smart phone related businesses, OBO is rather competitive in the unique, off the mainstream market segments which require total service right from initial simulations to meticulous processes in order to satisfy the specified performances of differentiated applications, our countless achievements on those specifications make us faster to respond to the knowledgeable customers, efficiently simplify their development cycle in particular.
"It is still analogue in the digital industry”, the true optical coating techniques is not merely determined by the advanced machines and/or sophisticated software. Being an self-sustaining coating company, OBO proudly survives in its own right by the wealthy knowledge learned from the engineering throughout the years in serving variety of customers, such core competence is being as well inherited for many years to come.
The challenge is everywhere though, from the fast-changing world economy to the everlasting competition, OBO maybe still steps behind the top-tiered suppliers in some certain area, but nevertheless they are just about the goals we are striving toward.