OBO News

16 2023.03 ISO 9001:2015Certificate

Orange Bright Optics Inc. has qualified by ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System for Design and Manufacturing of Optical Thin Film Component.

23 2020.09 Laser lamped LCD projection systems

* OBO provides:  Dichroic Mirror  Folding Mirror  Diffuser  Partial Mirror   Polarized Beam Splitter–Well controll...

25 2020.05 3-5.4um AR design on Ge

ProductIR WindowsSpecification3-5.4um AR Coating, Ge WindowSize4" (customization is also possible)SubstrateGermaniumCoatingTavg(3-5.4um)>=92%T...

25 2020.05 3-5.4um AR design on Silicon

ProductIR WindowsSpecification3-5.4um AR designSize4" (customization is also possible)SubstrateSilicon (Si)CoatingTavg(3-5.4um)>=92%Thickness(...